Rail Pardaz System is a knowledge-based collection that tries to trust based on youth activists Iranian to provide engineering and technical services about rail transport by highest quatity to customers. all thing in the organization based on discipline , planning and teamwork according to latest world information technology and engineering is done. systems thinking , proces-oriented , meritocracy , respect and goals of the organization. Rail Pardaz System believes achieving to the goals and strategies of the organization will be realized by enhance the level of satisfaction of shareholders strategic partners and create mutually beneficial interests of all stakeholders. Staff in this system, has committed itself to organizational values and has its utmost to fulfill the goals and programs will be used.


  • Establishment

    Rail Pardaz System as a rolling stock engineering services company is established. organizing engineering team , conducting research and science projects

  • Starting Activity

    Design and commissioning of comprehensive system of UIC in Farsi, desighn of LCC comprehensive software for purchase of rolling stock.

  • Design and Manufacturing

    Design and test of metro wagon body on the basis of GRIS standard for iranian operators, design of type and routine test processes for Siemens Locomotives

  • Start Negin project

    The company developed it's services as a contractor in the refurbishment projects like Negin 1,2&3.

  • Customer service

    The company repaired & modernized more than 50 passenger coaches to 4 bed luxury cars

  • Esfahan factories

    The Freight wagons overhaul factory mobilized in isfahan city and refurbished more than 500 wagons in one year

  • Wagon Repair

    In 2013 years more than 350 wagons overhaul and repair in the Isfahan factories.

  • Design Fadak trains

    In the last year equipped production and refurbishment Shahid Kolahdoz factories in the Tehran

  • Development areas of business

    This year developed areas of it's services to all desighn activities , procurement and over haul esecially, current and annual passenger and freight wagons. Now financing of projects, partnerships and investments with reputable companies and purchase locomotives for the holding company is on the agenda.


Our mission is to fulfill current & future expectations of domestic & foreign owners of rolling stock through engineering services, modernization, maintenance and manufacture of rolling stock with best quality & customer satisfaction


Our Vision is to be a pioneer brand in rail industry in middle east for modernization & production of rolling stock..

Organizational Chart

Human resources Chart